Monday, August 26, 2013

AdDuplex’s First Evangelist


I am excited to announce that I have recently become the first developer evangelist for AdDuplex!

What is AdDuplex?

AdDuplex is a cross-promotion and advertising network for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.  They allow developers to display ads for other apps within their own, and in return, get their ads shown in other developer’s apps.  With the low return on ads, unless you have a large user base, this gives developers a great alternative for promoting their app, and growing their user base before trying to monetize.  Their slogan is appropriately “Advertise before you monetize.”

If you have a new app that you want to jump-start, you can also purchase ads, which are both cheaper and more directed than any other option.  It is the only ad network that lets you target Windows 8 and Windows Phone (you can even target between WP7 and WP8), meaning that every time your ad is displayed, the viewer is only two clicks from installing it.

Why I Use AdDuplex?

I have been using AdDuplex for almost a year, since the day Memorylage was released on Windows 8.  My biggest focus at that point was trying to find a way to reach the early adopters of Windows 8, and not waste money advertising to people who didn’t have it.  AdDuplex was perfect for this.  And when I released the app for Windows Phone, back in February, AdDuplex again gave me the ability to target just those users who had Windows Phone 8.

Between the yearly ad subscription that I purchased, as well as the ad impressions I receive from using the control in my apps, I have maintained a steady stream of clicks and downloads for both versions, without having to do any continued advertising elsewhere. (I obviously still did plenty of work at launch to reach out to web sites, create a web page/promo video etc.)

What Does Being an Evangelist Mean?

My job is focused on two things: spreading the word about AdDuplex, and helping devs with any issues they might have using the service, or setting it up.

I will be writing periodic posts about some technical aspects of using the service (setup, configuration, etc.) on both this blog, as well as the AdDuplex blog.  I will be promoting AdDuplex in-person at events I attend, and online as well, but will do my best to not be “spammy” about it.  Smile

If there are any questions about the technical stuff I write about, or AdDuplex in general, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @jrharmon82.  As I am not in any way the official support channel for them though, any other questions, such as account related ones, should be directed to AdDuplex directly.  They can be reached on Twitter at @AdDuplex, or through email at

Learning More

Here are some links to more information:

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